This site is designed to service the 1982 Gs1100sz and 1983 GS1100sd Suzuki Katana. Many of the parts are directly compatible to the 750cc and 1000cc Suzuki Katanas of the same years, as well as some cross over to the GS1100E model Suzuki's. The sites owner is a Katana enthusiast based in Vancouver Canada who has had several of his resto-mod katana builds featured in National and international magazines. These would include, Canadian Biker, Streetfighters UK and Rapid Bikes Australia magazines.
Parts pricing are in U.S. currency and may not include shipping. Preferred payment accepted is paypal, although, special arrangements may be considered if you contact me. I am passionate about katanas but this is not a business. Although I am very busy with my day job, I am happy to help fellow enthusiasts realize their visions for their katanas.
These katana parts are made for the katana, or have been tried and tested on the katana and are going to fit, unlike many ebay purchases. Over the years of building I have bought many parts that don't work and I have wasted loads of time and money trying to get it right, so if you are wanting to get the right parts for the right look, they are here.
You can purchase katana parts on this site by clicking the paypal buttons. I will then contact you with a selection of shipping alternatives. You can also email me with your requests and I can give you costs and my paypal ID for payment. Shipping to the USA/Canada is usually 5 to 10 business days. Global shipments can vary from two weeks to ten weeks depending on surface/ship or air shipments. Taxes, duty, shipping surcharges (paypal fee) may apply to your  order.
6061 aircraft aluminum CNC shock mounts for bandit 1200 swing arm conversion. Will also work for some GSXR swing arm conversions. The mounts are CNC manufactured and are sold with or without the stock Suzuki inner bushing that is still available from Suzuki. If you want the inner bushings I will ad $20.00usd when conatacted with total costs.
$99.00  Shock mounts (Inner bushings extra)
New wind screens with the compound curves identical to factory. They are available in clear and tinted. Added bonus is that these are polished edges and look great without the rubber molding the stock screens need to cover up the harsh edges.
Screens for the pop up headlight katana are also available is an authorized dealer for Supersprox sprockets. They are aluminum carrier and steel chain ring for the best of both worlds. I use them on all my builds. They start at $89.00 for 17tooth Gold. Blue, Black and Red are available with special order for an additional $30.00.
There are no better quality counter shaft sprockets on the market. These sprockets are used by race teams across America, including on AHDRA Phil Shmidt's championship top fuel drag bike.
$125.00 Windscreen
$89.00 Stealth 48t rear sprocket
$89.00   5/8" offset, 17tooth (10% discount for multiple orders)
$99.00   Bandit swing arm conversion offset, 17tooth (10% discount for multiple orders)
Stainless steel reducer bushings for your bandit 1200 swing arm conversion. These bushings enable you to use your stock 16mm pivot bolt and there is no need for washers or spacers because the bandit arm is a little narrower than the stock Suzuki katana swing arm at the pivot bosses. These slide right inside the stock bandit 1200 swing arm bushings for a perfect fit. Machined from solid stainless steel round bar.
$120.00 /pair  Reducer Bushings
$20.00  Pair of inner bushings
$20.00/ea  Custom stainless steel spacers
Fiberglass fairings and seat cowls are available. As well as vintage racing style front fairings with no head light hole.

The katana pictured is equipped with these after market cosmetics.
Notice that there are no reflector holes that need filling in or signal light holes giving the katana a nice clean, sleek look.
These are the only katana cosmetics in North America I have seen without the signal light and reflector holes. That fact and their quality is why I became an authorized dealer for them.
Unlike the Suzuki plastic that cannot easily be repaired, these glass  components are easily repaired if damage does occur.
Unique to these seat cowls is the eyebrow is integrated unlike other manufacturers who just leave it off, giving your katana a more finished, stock look. They ship white in color.
$179.00  LFX18A1-BS12;  (1kg, 18A/hrs, 270ccA) L 5.83", W 2.63", H 4.13"
Lithium Iron battery. Very light, 8lbs lighter than stock katana battery. Will not produce thermal runaway and burn down on you. This battery is what these 1100cc monsters need when hot. They crank harder and faster than your stock battery. This battery will out live and out perform you stock battery significantly if properly taken care of.
In winter, remove the battery, put it on the shelf and wait till spring. The lithium battery will hold its charge until spring.
$39.00  17T special order
530 conversion sprockets for the stock GS750, 1000, 1100 Suzuki katana. This is not an offset sprocket but has an integrated spacer for a direct replacement for your stock, heavy katana sprocket. Pair this with your desired rear 530 sprocket and save weight and gain performance by reducing the rotating mass your engine is at war with.
530 pitch custom rear hard anodized aluminum sprocket. This is a design and will give your katana a more unique look. Use with GSXR sprocket nuts. 51 teeth sounds large but it is actually a little smaller than the stock 630 sprocket. 48 teeth will give you a cruzer for the highway at lower rpm.
$89.00  48T or 51T special order
$295.00   Bandit1200 conversion kit, reducers, shock mounts, offset custom, 17t sprocket. If you require 530 offset please specify in purchase notes.

Inner shock bushings available through Suzuki or add from this page.

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