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Katana parts

• Dyna 4000 ignition 350.00
• Dyna S ignition, new 125.00
• Various oem electrical

• 1982 katana frame 350.00
• Foot Pegs '82,'83 200.00 set
• Various cosmetics / tanks

• '82 Cylinder heads 150.00
• '82 Cranks 150.00
• '83 1100 Cases 250.00
• Case Covers 25.00ea
• GS1150 1229cc Pistons 200.00
Glass cowlings, front & tail with no signal holes. Vintage race cowling no headlight hole $200.00ea
Stainless Steel Yosh Replica Race Header
rear sets required
Bandit 1200 swing arm bolt onto GS750/1100.
Powder coated, extensions by Exoticycle (tacked on bolt on extensions), oil catch  can, complete custom armless brake set up off 2006 GSXR 1000. Bolt your wheel on and go. Picture above is before powder coating, picture below after.

$1,250.00 complete with axle, custom adjusting blocks and spacers.

This arm uses "eye" end shock mounts, not the fork type as stock Suzuki GS.

If you have or buy the Ohlins SU145 adjustable shocks (I have one set), I have the correct mounting ends for them. They simply thread on and are height adjustable as well.
•'94 GSXR USD Forks, no axle 125.00

Welcome to katana parts

katana parts
site is an off shoot of my katana technical, custom and modification site I received many emails about parts used on my custom katana builds so I decided to create a page where others could get hard to find parts for their bikes.
     My day job is as a professional movie stuntman. I develop and maintain these katana sites out of my passion for the motorcycle. Purchases here and donations on the technical site are most welcome as they offset the time and cost of maintaining the sites.

     Parts are usually shipped from the west coast of Canada but some may be drop shipped from suppliers. Although these parts fit many applications, they are listed for
1982, 1983 750, 1000 and 1100 katana
. Please be patient with replies as I may be off on location shooting or just unavailable due to location or situation. Payment can be made by Paypal, if there is no buy now button, simply email me with your requests. I will need shipping location and product desired to reply with costs. All payments are made in U.S. Dollars and shipping is extra.

Katana Parts Page

5.5" rim conversion 5/8" $90.00

Custom Bandit 1200
swing arm conversion

17 teeth 530 pitch
New wind screens
tinted or clear
polished edges, no molding needed.
SuperSprox stealth rear sprockets

Gold Gs/Gsxr 530 $120.00

other available colors for an aditional $15.00
Engine adapters for oil cooler installation. These go in beside the oil filter cover for attaching oil lines from the cooler, -6.
530 conversion front sprockets with built in spacer for use with  chain conversions.
(special order only)
Stainless Steel
spacers for your bandit 1200 or GSXR wheel conversion
Bandit 1200 swing arm conversion for GS Suzuki 1100. Includes shock mounts, reducer bushings. Email for pricing and availability
CNC Shock mounts for bandit 1200 swing arm conversions
Inner Suzuki bushings
$26.00/set with purchase of mounts
Bandit 1200 swing arm conversion bushings for GS Suzuki 1100


Katana parts

Click for larger view
Use the Buy Now for deposit and to secure your order. Email me and I will get back to you with shipping costs and taxes if you are in Canada. Shipping is world wide and varied in pricing depending on airmail or economy.  Thanks for your business.
Compufire "series"
regulator / rectifier
Reduces engine oil temp.
Shorai Batteries
Almost 8 lbs lighter than our
GS batteries and much smaller.
Less maintenance, longer lasting, multi-positional. Chargers also available $95.00

18Ahr 270cca
LFX18L1-BS12 $199.00
14Ahr: 210cca
Replacement: LFX14L5-BS12 $159.00
Super Small: LFX14L2-BS12
  14Ahr        18Ahr
Custom Aluminum
rear sprocket. In house
design one, of a kind.
48t to go with 17t front sprocket $80.00
48 tooth

Katana Frames

Click for larger views
2006 GSXR radial calipers  $50.00

6 piston Tokiko off 2002 Bandit 1200  $100.00

4 piston Nissin off early 90s GSXR $50.00
750/1000/1100 clipons
$150.00 (pair)
Triple trees
$250.00 (set)
52mm clipons for use with GSXR 1100 conversions $75.00

Brand new '96-'98 52mm GSXR 1100 top triple $100.00

1992 GSXR 750 top triple $75.00

2002 Honda 954 top triple $50.00
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