Katana logo, zip out quilted liner over silk lining
Stealth sprockets in color Aluminum center steel chain ring ANY BIKE!
From 109.99
Yoshimura replica exhaust that is spring mounted for easy removal. It does not need removal for oil changes, and attaches to the stock katana mounting point so no fabricating messy mounts. Also available, upswept race style pipe for those with rear set setups.
Welcome to katana parts, your home for custom and used parts for your 1982 and 1983 gs(x)1100, gs(x)1000 and gs(x)750 Suzuki katana. If you see parts that you would like to purchase, please click the above email link with your requests. Payments are paid by Paypal in U.S. Dollars, shipping and paypal fee (4%) extra.

I am a professional movie stuntman/coordinator by day and a Suzuki katana enthusiast by night. I bought my first katana brand new gs1100sz in 1982 and have loved these bikes ever since.

Parts are usually shipped from the west coast of Canada but some may be drop shipped from  suppliers. Please be patient with replies as I may be off on location shooting or just unavailable due to location or situation.
• Dyna 4000 ignition 350.00
• Dyna S ignition, new 125.00
• Various oem electrical

• 1982 katana frame 350.00
• Wind screens, new 125.00
• Foot Pegs '82,'83 200.00 set
• Various cosmetics / tanks

• Oil cooler adapters 10.00ea
• '82 Cylinder heads 200.00
• '82 Cranks 200.00
• '83 1100 Cases 250.00
• Case Covers 25.00ea
• Yosh Used Header 350.00
• GS1150 1229cc Pistons 200.00
Classic and Pop Up katana wind screens $120.00

One set of Ohlins su145 ($1,475.00) and su143 ($875.00) shocks for gs1100.

Offset sprockets, Custom, one offs, starting at $89.00. Any bike, any offset any size. Bandit swing arm conversions require a custom offset. $120.00

Custom Bandit 1200 conversion kits (GS bushings-$150.00 & Shock mounts-$110.00), and Bolt on extensions-$375.00

SuperSprox rear sprockets. Aluminum carrier, steel chain ring starting at $109.00. Custom colors available
Glass cowlings with no signal holes. Vintage race cowling with filled in headlight hole $200.00ea
Factory fit Stainless Steel Header $679.00
(double click pic for larger view)
Race style $779.00 rear sets required
(double click pic for large view)
Stainless Spacers $25.00 ea
Oil Cooler  Fittings
$10.00 ea
530 Conversion
$35.00 ea
Vancouver, Canada                                                                                                             
Bandit 1200 swing arm bolt onto GS750/1100.
Powder coated, extensions by Exoticycle (tacked on bolt on extensions), oil catch  can, complete custom armless brake set up off 2006 GSXR 1000. Bolt your wheel on and go.

$1,250.00 complete with axle, custom adjusting blocks and spacers.

This arm uses "eye" end shock mounts, not the fork type as stock Suzuki GS.

If you have or buy the Ohlins SU145 adjustable shocks (I have one set), I have the correct mounting ends for them. They simply thread on and are height adjustable as well.

If you need technical information about your project or custom build, you can visit my tech site There you will find tips and tricks I have learned after building a dozen katanas myself. Some of which have made it into several motorcycle magazines.

Thanks for your interest in my site. Katman!
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Wind Screens                Ohlins Shocks               Custom Offsets            Bandit 1200/GS         Supersprox Stealth
STOCK                                                                                   RACE
Valve Adjusting Tool
530 Custom Sprocket
Coming Soon
Compufire "series" Reg/Rec
Superior to Stock Regulator
•'94 GSXR USD Forks 125.00
• Katana triple trees 250.00
• Clipons 200.00